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Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions are the templates that define the usage terms and conditions that are applied on any website or application and before getting access to that the user has to adhere to those terms and conditions. It also describes how the organization or a corporation utilizes the information of users when users agree with it. In this entire process, the end user license agreement sets an agreement between the user and the organization such as AGGASSO. The end user license agreement is the basic term that governs terms and conditions and before doing anything user must agree to the end user license agreement.

If the user agrees under the terms and conditions of the end user license agreement then the user can get access to the services and support of AGGASSO, otherwise, if don't agree then the consent is not able to use the AGGASSO services and support.

AGGASSO support and services:

As AGGASSO support and services come with various other software and components that may change from time to time and may or may not be subjected to the terms and conditions. So to provide the updated components, add-ons, and required supplements from time to time to the end users, the End User Licence Agreement is required to define those terms and conditions by defining the rights to the AGGASSO support and services.

1. Disclaimer warranty:

About warranties, AGGASSO disclaims all warranties other than the limited warranties provided herein under the services and support. There are no warranties subjected under the condition of title and correspondence to description or non-infringement in the context of AGGASSO's third-party software, support, and services.

By bounding with the terms and obligations of AGGASSO it has subjected that AGGASSO may deliver notice to users by the medium of e-mail, general notices, or through sites or    addresses that users have shared. But the third party that shows the link of AGGASSO services and support is not subjected to get controlled by AGGASSO as those sites have separate policies and terms. However, AGGASSO seeks to protect the privacy and integrity of its website and ensure the safely of its consumers. By this AGGASSO is making an effort to make a userfriendly website that is convenient for people to access all over the world.

2. Discontinue ASSASSO Services

You as a user can opt to cancel your account by emailing regarding the discontinuation of services along with the reason for the same. You can email it to

Our technical support team will evaluate the concern and if required we may contact you to understand your concerns. However, in case you are still not satisfied, we will proceed with your request.

The process begins and we will delete your account which includes all your details from our service record. We would like to inform you that such kind of discontinuation from AGGASSO services implies that this is the FINAL decision from your end. In case you wish to avail of our services again you will have to start a fresh process with us. Therefore, we suggest you think twice with a calm mind before taking a final decision.

3. Services on Hold

AGGASSO aims to bring consumer-friendly policies for all our consumers. To make this thought concrete we have a provision, where in we can keep your account on hold for a period defined by you. However, there will be certain maintenance charges for keeping your account on hold with us.

The request has to be made by call and through email to our customer support division.

Customer supports call no: 1-973-567-6263

Email id:

4. Re-activation of services

When you wish to avail of our services again you have to intimate to us through email regarding this. You can mail your request to

The provision of re-activation is only valid for those customers who have raised a request to us priory in time through email and call 1-973-567-6263. In no other situation such as discontinuation, immediate cancellation, or other situations AGGASSO will be binding to re-activate your account. You can register fresh with us to avail of the services.

5. Immediate cancellation

AGGASSO, at no time, has the intention to harm its customers, however, there are certain conditions and situations under which we will have to immediately cancel and delete your account without any prior intimation. Some such conditions are described below:

AGGASSO received an official intimation from the legal authorities regarding an enquiry or order for immediate deactivation of your subscribed account.

AGGASSO or any of our team members receive threat calls or communication of misconduct or abuse through emails/calls or writing. Under similar other conditions, your account will be immediately deactivated.

AGGASSO receives intimation that the registered subscriber is taking undue advantage of our services or he/she is involved in any unlawful activities under the cyber laws and hacking.

Other unlawful situations which are legally binding and can arise at any given point in time, will also be considered and immediate action of cancellation will be carried out without prior intimation.

Under any of the conditions mentioned above, AGGASSO holds no liability to make any refund of the amount to you.

6. Grievance Cell

AGGASSO would love to understand the genuine complains and concerns that you have while availing of our services and support. The concerns that you have will be raised to the appropriate levels and authorities for consideration and necessary actions.

We are very closely monitoring our technical and support team. Therefore, we would appreciate it if you have valid point to convey or have any suggestions for improvement or incorporation of new services or support from AGGASSO. Please feel free to communicate with us through our customer care division at

We - AGGASSO and the team may call you if we would like to have better clarity on the concern raised by you. You have the choice to deny our calls or request. However, if you feel that we deserve to deliver better in the market please, talk to us once so that we can solve the problem for future consumers and clients.

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