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Ensure that peace of mind with Aggasso

You indeed are a unique personality and therefore the way you work in your organization defines your culture and philosophy. The inherent nature of an organization comes from the vision that the founder brings with him. All these create that name for your organization. We at Aggasso understand how you have been putting in efforts while developing this organization brick-by-brick each day. Therefore we know how vital it protects your business from intellectual property theft.

The Aggasso team has experts from around the globe who can guide you on how you can have the copyright, patents trademarks done under your firm name. Our team is well aware of legal enforcement and documentation processes involved at every destination. These have to be done individually in the global prospects in the regions wherever you have your business. Within this their various requirements in each country that needs to be adhered to while going for copyright, Trademark, and patents.

Ensure that peace of mind with Aggasso as we work till the perfection and time until your work is done. Professionalism with a personal touch is what we strive for. This is becoming much more prevalent in the era of digitalization and accessing the information is just a click away which requires protection. Aggasso has a team of consultants, Lawyers, and legal & account professionals and has offices and associates at various destinations across the Globe. We counsel clients on how to be prepared for the rapidly evolving, law-binding process developments and empower them to cultivate and execute an effective Intellectual property rights strategy that meets the needs of their time.

Our working process involves the Valuation of Intellectual Property Rights assets, Certification, and Preventive management of IPR including timely renewal, journal watching services, keeping track of IPR infringement, patent Audit, and Due diligence.

Trademark, Copyright, and Patents
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